Special Events

Making occasions special

It is a well-known fact: candlelight creates a special atmosphere in a room. Whatever the ambience you are trying to create, buying some beautiful candles from the Creative Candle Company will add some sparkle to your special day. It is also worth bearing in mind that we offer a discount on large orders, making our candles even better value for money!

Here we have come up with some ideas for the use of our candles at a selection of big events, from birthdays to weddings, we have candles for all occasions.


The biggest of big days: it's when 'normal' and 'ordinary' simply won't do.

So imagine the scene, you look across your reception venue on the happiest day of your life, gorgeous Rose Ball candles flickering, illuminating your friends and family. Outside the entrance, a row of Rose Pillar candles stand guard and greet guests, creating a spectacular gangway and, later, providing a cosy lighting as guests spill outside during the evening's celebrations. On the tables, the Rose Bud floating candles which were a beautiful centre piece during the meal are now lit and the tables glow all around your guests as they celebrate this wonderful occasion. Sounds good doesn't it? It's the power of candles.

Don't forget that there are endless possibilities when it comes to the colour of your candles, so we are certain that we can find the perfect candle design to match your chosen flowers or the colour choices for your special wedding day.

Birthday celebrations

Our extensive collection of candles means that there is sure to be a candle to suit the style of any birthday boy or girl and their party. Kids love our Big Daddy Skull candle which can look particularly effective for a pirate themed party (or on Halloween!) and never fails to get a reaction of "Ah, cool!". A skull designed candle can also add a dash of rock'n'roll to an adult's birthday party and don't forget you can select your candle's own scent!

If skulls and rock'n'roll aren't what you are looking for, our Rose Bud, Rose Ball and Thai Buddha candles can add a touch of elegance to your birthday party. Our candles are an unexpected surprise to your guests, trust us when we say people will be asking you where you got them from!


Candles are synonymous with christenings. They are an emblem of both life and Jesus Christ. Whether you want to subtly use our colourful tea lights or opt for a more eye-catching Angel candle, there is sure to be something within our wide range of candles to suit your child's christening celebration.

Don't forget, scents and colours of our candles can be customised by you! This allows the Creative Candle Company's candles to tie in seamlessly with other features of your party.


Christmas is the absolute highlight of the Winter calender and, for some people, the entire year! It's a time when we adorn our homes with symbolic and traditional decorations. Candles are perfect for the dark nights and nothing says it's Christmas quite like our Christmas Tree candle! Whether lit or not, our Christmas Tree candle looks stunning and will put you and your family in the festive mood!

Expert Advice

Are you unsure which of our wide range of candles will work best at your special event? We enjoy working with our customers to ensure that everything is just the way it should be. So please, don't hesitate to contact us for help and advice in organising your event; we love being part of someone's special day!