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Unwind your busy day with our luxurious range of scented candles. Come home to warmth, love and a host of sweet fragrances that sweeps you into a world of your dreams. We at The Creative Candle Company provide a range of floral, woody and earthy scented candles that will only leave you craving for more.

Here is a promise to let you indulge in every possible essence that will leave you with nothing short of an everlasting memory. Our aromas range from the innocent indulgence of baby powder to the fragrance of coffee bean, jasmine, vintage rose and coconut cream. We have candles for everyone, for every occasion. So, while there is a range of rose candles of different patterns and shapes, we also have more exotic product types like the Buddah candles and the skull candles. We keep to our words that are why we make sure you enjoy our luxury scented candles during festivities and occasions like weddings, parties, birthday celebrations. What's more, we also offer bespoke candles for your big day. Our team is equipped to help you luxuriate in your experience at candle shopping.

We ensure quick and easy navigation so that you enjoy your shopping experience with no hassle. At The Creative Candle Company, we not just retail scented candles that smell amazing but also work equally hard to make it look good. That's why you will find candles of various shapes, sizes, colours that will surely leave you spoilt for choice. We ensure good packaging of your product to make your shopping experience with us a happy and memorable one. In case you are unsure of the product, we are just a call away to help you sail smoothly through your shopping experience. We are constantly upgrading ourselves by following new trends, sometimes even innovating and setting new ones.

Browse through our website to experience a whole new world of luxury scented candles that will transport you to a different environment as you enjoy the sweet woody, floral scents from our huge range of products.